PCD Combination Boring Tools

Technologically advanced PCD tools for very high cutting parameters, longer tool life, Close tolerances and consistent size

Face Milling

Fine adjusting for PCD cartridge millings heads and brazed PCD milling head solutions For extremely high feeds.

Boring Bar

Boring can be done on mills, lathes or drill press machines, either with a boring head or with just a boring tool

Center Drill

Drill accurate center holes in material prior to turning, or use as a starter bit for accurate holes in stock.

Hss & Carbide tools

Drill accurate center holes in material prior to turning, or use as a starter bit for accurate holes in stock.

Holding systems

Special tool holders by PREZISS adapted to machining needs. Combining Hydro sleeves, shrink-fit and mechanical clamping.


A variety of styles from general purpose taps to highly sophisticated material specific designs are readily available.

Face driver

Jig & Fixtures

Precision quality Jig and Fixtures, designed and manufactured as per customers requirement.

Aerospace Tools

Easy Bore Generation 2 Stack drills for composite/titanium stacks.

Woodworking Tools

Preziss presents K_mill, the system of tools for edge trimming & high performance rebating, assembling polycrystalline diamond (PCD) interchangeable blades and Threaded adjustable grooves.


About Us

Pushp Engg Works Pvt Ltd is created in year 2007 with a vision to provide one stop shop for all cutting tools need. Here you will find all kinds of cutting tools & jig & fixtures beneath one roof, thus saving lot of time & efforts, also resulting in less vendor management. Company is partnered with Indian & Global manufacturers to provide best quality in least time and competitive prices.

Innovative ideas, special tooling solutions are our strength along with standards tooling. We constantly strive for improvement in our products and services to meet our customers' changing needs. We do not settle on adequate solutions to problems, we look for the best solutions and quickly implement them. We believe in providing best tooling solution that can result in increased productivity, reduced cost and best quality product.

Our team is led by a professional having wide experience in field of cutting tools. Our past experience has enabled us understand customer requirement of quality, on time delivery and cost effectiveness. Professional competence combined with high-quality products has led us to our present position as one of the leading suppliers of cutting tools in the Indian market. Our Customer large or small, count on our ability to deliver products, quality, information, and assistance in a timely manner.

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